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At TARRERIAS-BONJEAN (or TB group), cutlery is in our genes. This small family-run business established in Thiers, France has always been intent on developing a genuine innovation policy that today gives it its position as leader on the French household and kitchen cutlery market. The company is developing several brands: TB, TB Design, Chef de France, Laguiole Evolution (Expression and Héritage) and EVERCUT®.

While the majority of companies in the sector have chosen to turn to subcontracting, TB affirms its desire to incorporate and master the know-how of all the trades involved in cutlery. With this strategy in mind, TB created the GENERALE de DECOUPAGE Company in 1999, specialised in metalwork and notably working stainless steel. TB also bought the FDP Company in 2001, specialised in the heat treatment of stainless steels, an essential process in manufacturing knife blades.

Today TB masters all production line processes from the design to the making of the end product. With these technologies, the company not only offers its customers an extensive and high quality product range, it is also a major subcontractor for a number of cutlers through its subsidiary GENERALE de DECOUPAGE. Beyond its know-how, the company is giving itself the means to develop products and concepts at the cutting edge of innovation.



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